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For Sale! 

Framed production anime cel of character “Hotsuma” from Shin Tenchi Muyo! / New Tenchi Muyo / Tenchi in Tokyo, from Episode 4

Frame is about 15”x13” and 1” deep, metal frame with matting and UV-protection glass. It was framed professionally at a small shop in Northern Virginia called Creative Framing.  Color character production cel only, cel shows up in a 10”x8” window.  Cel has some fading in the black line ink (see close up) around the nose and hair.  Episode 4 is the only time I can recall this outfit. 

$ 70 USD plus S/H (I require tracking) or may consider BJD item trade (see below). 

PM me on Tumblr, preferred. I accept Paypal or personal check, I don’t use eBay so my feedback is with Den of Angels. (

Hi All! 

So I’ve been doing massive amounts of unpacking. Essentially in the ten years since I graduated high school, my folks have moved to three different houses (meaning I’ve had about four permanent addresses in the the last ten years, never mind all my own apartment and college moves).  I’m currently unpacking lots of stuff that’s been in boxes in closets through all these moves, most of it is being junked or consigned, but this doesn’t really have a place with either option.  Besides a change of interests over the years (I no longer follow pretty much any anime or cons, though I loosely make comments to my friends’ posts), I’m at a near complete lack of wall space as my current location is covered in windows and big sliding closet doors. The limited spaces with little outside light I could hang this up in is taken over with some more personal photos and namely, my college diploma. It has been professionally framed since shortly after arriving in my possession, If the buyer would like the frame removed I suggest bringing it to a professional who has the tools and skill to do so, as I lack either. 

I’m looking for $70 plus S/H 

OR, I’m potentially willing to trade for BJD clothing, but it needs to fit either a Migidoll boy (62cm/SD13) or a Souldoll Zenith Girl (63cm/SD16, very round rear and legs), and primarily I’m looking for outdoors/hiking clothes. Loose pants, tee shirts, flat hiking boots (8 cm internal), or hiking bags and such are all things I’m looking for. 

The doll items are pretty much a long shot. I’m not accepting other cels or anime items as there’s very little I’m interested in and I’m trying to cut down things anyways. 

Shoot me a PM or if you know me in another location, feel free to page me there too. 

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